Anchor in Continuum is a multidisciplinary performance piece by dancer and choreographer, Shira Kagan-Shafman and violinist and composer, Leandria Lott. This work explores the tension between the inevitability of change and the permanence of time. It recognizes the balance between the intensity of life, being pulled in many directions and how feeling anchored can sink you or can be a weight that steadies you. Through this piece, you see a dancer and musician fall in and out of movement and sound, often intertwining their roles as artists. 
Anchor in Continuum
Choreography: Shira Kagan-Shafman
Composer and violinist: Leandria Lott
Performers: Shira Kagan-Shafman and Leandria Lott

Green Space, January 21, 2024
Triskelion Arts, April 15, 2023
Key Artists
Shira Kagan-Shafman: Dancer, Choreographer
Leandria Lott: Composer, Violinist
Fiona Murguia: Filmmaker
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